Our Products

Everything we do is done with utmost care and dedication to our work.  We strive to make things we would be proud to use ourselves, and to have fun and enjoy what we do.

Click on the titles below to see full galleries of each type of product.  Please check our Etsy store to see what is currently available.  

All our items are made in a pet friendly, non smoking home.


Carved Drinking Horns

These horns have been sealed inside and out with a food grade sealant and are safe and ready for use. The design has been carved into the horn and then painted to bring it to life with designs inspired by mythology, history, fantasy, and horror.

These items are hand wash only, they are NOT dishwasher safe, and are not intended for hot beverages. 

Drinking Horns

Horns that are clean and sealed and safe for use as drinking vessels, but otherwise left without additional ornamentation allowing their natural beauty to shine. 

Like our carved horns, these horns are hand wash only and are NOT dishwasher safe, and are also not intended for hot beverages. 

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Sounding Horns

Fully functional sounding horns for summoning the troops or just annoying the neighbours. 

Please note being able to properly make a sound with this type of horn can be difficult and will most likely require a degree of practice! There are many youtube videos available that provide instruction and technique.

Dungeon Master's Screens

Four-paneled wooden screens to protect your DM's secrets.  

So far just one prototype has been made, but already more are in the works! 

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Hand carved and tooled leather items. Hand stitched with the traditional saddle stitch method and coloured with eco-friendly dyes.

Dice Bags

Genuine suede dice bags lined with soft velvety fabric in a variety of colours.  The drawstrings are hand braided with tough kangaroo leather.  These bags can hold around 100 regular sized dice.

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Leather horn frogs and wooden stands for drinking horns. 

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